New Music Tuesday: Single and Album Releases

Justin July 26, 2011 2

So, today is Tuesday, which means another installment of new music releases are out today. Here are some of those releases for today. We have described some of them in detail below:





Atari Teenage Riot Is This Hyperreal? Downtown Records Electronic
Bodeans Indigo Dreams Oarfin Rock
Elvis Costello Get Happy! Mobile Fidelity Rock
Digitalism I Love you, Dude LP Cooperative Electronic
Kelly Rowland Here I Am Universal Motown Pop
Little Dragon Ritual Union PFG Electronic
Stevie Wonder Talking Book Mobile Fidelity Pop


Clearly, these are some big names for the week, but I would like to take a moment to just highlight some of the more interesting (and, exciting) releases:

Atari Teenage Riot

Here is a band that just seemingly came out of nowhere after their nearly 10-year hiatus. This album has a little bit of a Crystal Castles meets some strange German post-punk sound (which, may be either good or bad…depending on your tolerance for screaming and hard beats) to it. I have always had a hard time explaining their hardcore electronic sound, so this may make things a bit easier for you (just listen yourself):



We are always excited about new releases from Digitalism. The German due have had some major-league successes here in the US with only two full-length albums. Their sophomore release, I Love You, Dude lives up to their live standards. Here is a clip from their new album:



Little Dragon

Here is a group that we saw live not too long ago (who toured with friends of NEMzy, Good Night Billygoat — check them out RIGHT NOW!). This represents their third studio album, which is actually pretty different and far more mature than their 2nd release, Machine Dreams. This is an interesting and classy album that deserves your attention immediately (and, of course, your downloads)!



Here’s to another great week of new music!



  • Sfaudiogeek

    Billygoat is now called Good Night Billygoat due to name copyright issues!  Just keepin it real.

    • NEMzy Networks

      Thanks for the Tip! I was trying so hard to locate them online…and, now I know why I couldn’t find them. I’ll link back to their site now and update the page!