Republicans Argue for Hours and…Stall…again.

Justin July 28, 2011 3

Well, I am sure many of you were tuned in to CSPAN-1 today for an exciting afternoon of debate on Boehner bill that will raise the debt ceiling for a small amount, but cut more spending in a significant manner. Most republicans argue that this is a “compromise” plan, but democrats claim this this plan will harm seniors, the poor, and students. The arguments on the floor of the house were very heated with most democrats stating that this bill will fail in the Senate anyway, so why is there even debate on the issue. Again, the house republicans appear to be up to their old games of stall, stall, stall all the while trying to play politics with our economy. It does seem (to me, at least) that the past few major votes have been delayed because of stalling tactics by the Republicans.

In an exciting moment today, Senator John McCain today argued that the uber-conservative “tea party members” are hijacking the Republican party. Today, he called them “hobbits” that are never willing to put politics aside for progress. He even went so far to say that this was the same strange faction that “turned Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnell into GOP Senate Nominees.” Indeed it is, Mr. McCain. Sounds to me like the Republicans have a problem in their own house to worry about, along with the problems facing them from the outside.

So, why did the plan get stalled again? It’s very obvious that Boehner doesn’t have the votes. His plan would cut spending by about $900 Billion and raise the debt ceiling temporarily. Conversely, Harry Reid, democratic majority leader of the Senate has another plan, which would cut about $2 Trillion in spending and raise the debt ceiling over the course of the next 3 – 4 years. While our spending is obviously out of control, there has to be some compromise that also includes tax increases and the shut down of tax loop-holes/subsides.

Today, Exxon Mobile announced that their profits rose by 41%. They earn tax subsidies that all Americans pay for. Why? The U.S. government subsidizes Billions of dollars in corn subsidies…why? These are far more important questions that we may need answers for before the government decides to harm those people that have the weakest voice — the poor, our seniors, and those who do not have the lobbying power to get their way (so, pretty much everyone except for Republican backers).

Am I wrong here?



  • Sfaudiogeek

    nope, not wrong.  get it together Congress! wtf?!?

  • Technology Gadgets

    at least there is a congress.. look at the Malaysian way of doing things.. If I dont like you i get my wife to bomb you. 

    • NEMzy Networks

      I do understand that our country’s problems pale in comparison to most others. That being said, I know most would acknowledge that we are lucky to have a government that allows us to criticize it; however, that government doesn’t always feel like it’s one “of and for the people.”