Thousands Almost Riot in Hollywood for Kaskade Stunt

Justin July 28, 2011 1

Last night, very popular DJ and Producer, Kaskade decided that he would put on an incredible show for the premier of the new “Electric Daisy Carnival: The Experience” movie at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. His idea: roll up on the premier in a tricked out flat bed truck, loaded with sound, play a couple of songs and then go to the premier. At the start of the day yesterday, he tweeted the following:

Let’s see if the magic of social networking will work today.

That was clearly a precursor to events that would lead to a near-riot and an intervention by the Los Angeles Police Department. Shortly after that, he tweeted the following:

Today@6pm in Hollywood @Mann’s Chinese Theatre. ME+BIG SPEAKERS+MUSIC=BLOCK PARTY!!! RT!

Immediately following that (and after some standard Hollywood Boulevard traffic), he did arrive at the party with his truck to play some music…along with thousands of people from Twitter and other social networking sites, who say his tweets and their friends’ re-tweets. As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

But as people began showing up, Duddie said it became clear that “a crisis was headed our way.”

“I walked out and saw a flatbed truck with an over-the-top sound system just blasting, and it became evident after a minute that this would create quite a scene — just the magnetic effect of that sound system and Kaskade rolling down Hollywood Boulevard,” Duddie said. “In two minutes there were 100 people, in three minutes there were 1,000 people, and by the time he got to the corner of Hollywood and Highland there were 3,000 people around me. Cars couldn’t go anywhere.”

The crisis was clearly coming, as even Kaskade pleaded with the crowd that he created in a following tweet:

Everybody CHILL OUT!!! The cops are freaking out. BE SAFE AND LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!

His tweets became more desperate, as he understood the gravity of the situation, which he created:

EVERYONE CHILL NOW!!! The block party has officially been shut down! BUT THIS IS TOO CRAZY AND WE NEED TO BE SAFE!

His final tweet appeared more of a directive:


Wow. What a crazy Wednesday afternoon for so many people. Today, Kaskade issued a statement through his website:

I’m incredibly disappointed that last night ended the way it did. It’s unfortunate that a few disrespectful people turned what was supposed to be a celebration of music into a regrettable event. This is not what EDM is about.

The Times reports that the Los Angeles Police Department and District Attorney’s offices are attempting to determine if any charges should be brought against the DJ and his team. So, what are your thoughts on this stunt — do you think Kaskade made a vital mistake here, or do you think that there are just way too many stupid party kids out there?



  • Sfaudiogeek

    Party kids CAN be a little out of control, but LA drivers and residents can be super agro also. . . hard to say. . .