Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival Kicks off Today

sfaudiogeek August 2, 2011 0

There is a place here on earth where it is all women all the time (well o.k. only for a few months each year) and it is a rather heavenly kind of place. There are women of all shapes, colors, sizes, and persuasions, in fact, there are thousands of them. They frolic in the meadows and forests, bare their chests (and more!), shout to the goddess, and praise life, love and community. There are fairies, and nymphs, and butterflies galore (mosquitoes! chiggers!). It sounds like a fleeting (wet?) dream, but this place truly does exist . . . it’s out in the middle of nowhere, in Michigan! It’s the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, friends, and it’s lineup this year is fantastic!

From the website:

Michigan is a music and performing arts festival that stirs up a steady mix of emerging artists, returning favorites, and new-to-Michigan pros. It’s a space to mix and mingle with thousands of womyn in a village inspired by feminist values and built through a unique collective ingenuity. This is a week to relax in the sun, play hard in the woods, engage deeply and connect with community. Each year brings together the most amazing cross-generational multicultural group of womyn to live as friends, lovers, neighbors all. Bring the best of who you are – you will recognize yourself everywhere.

With acts like Nervous but Excited (kinda the way a lot of us feel right before festival begins), Invincible, and Lovers tearing it up on the Day Stage, and fresh new faces like Thao (Nguyen, from the Get Down, Stay Down and more), Erase Errata, and the new radical dance sensation that is MEN, appearing on the Night Stage alongside Chix Lix, and the long list of festival favorites that often grace the stage, this year’s festival is looking to be one heck of a rockin’ good time! Jill Sobule is there; Melissa Ferrick and Toshi Reagon are there; Ferron and Bitch are there. Ladies, are you ready???

Of course I can’t mention the festival without talking about the amount of work and energy that goes into this festival to make it all happen so smoothly— it is an impressive and gargantuan undertaking to create this special space each year. Created and constructed completely by womyn, a small town each year emerges from nothing. If one visit’s the Land in the off-season, there are no structures, no pipes or electrical lines, no paths, nothing but land. From lush meadow and dense forest, a small community emerges for a few weeks each summer; and then it is gone, and the Land is returned to its natural state as a well-preserved habitat for local flora and fauna. Land preservation is a high priority for the festival and human impact is kept to a bare minimum. This year marks the 36th year of the festival; and though it has changed somewhat over the years, the feeling of empowerment, passion, and sincere joy that comes from being part of an all womon community remains the same, and it is unlike any other. . . ok and there’s plenty of partying too! It’s happening ladies, it’s here, and this is a big year! I can’t wait to see all you womyn out there on the Land!